Over the course of history, a plethora of businesses has provided consumers with access to high-quality timepieces. However, in this day and age of intense rivalry, there are very few businesses that, in the rush to produce ever more timepieces, may skimp on the testing methods. As a result, customers may receive incorrect data regarding the timepieces. Most watches, for instance, will have some form of the phrase "100% waterproof" or "water resistant" printed on the rear of the case. Though, does that hold for every wristwatch?

This is now within your reach of discovery. Bergeon, a market leader in watch tools, has developed an excellent device to ensure water resistance in timepieces. The Bergeon 5402 Basic Hand-Held Waterproof Tester is the name of the product or instrument in question. This device is easy to transport and store. The price is also much lower than that of similar tools. This handy tool can determine whether or not your watch can withstand water exposure without actually exposing it to any. You need only detach the winding button, set the watch on the fan-shaped support, and bend the spring ever-so-slightly to direct the casing pipe into the nylon pump nozzle.

After that, you need to fully extend the piston of the water resistance tester before letting go. If the piston reverses direction and moves toward the pump, you may be sure that your timepiece is not water-resistant. If it turns out to be defective, you can return it to the store from which you originally purchased it for an inspection and possible replacement. If, however, the piston does not return to the relaxed state, the tester and the timepiece will need to be submerged in water. To ensure your watch is completely water resistant, make sure there are no air bubbles in the casing. Not rocket science is it?

This Valentine's Day, give your fiance the Bergeon 5402 Basic Hand-Held Waterproof Tester if he or she is a watch fan. It's a quick fix to any concerns you may have had about the water resistance of your watch, and it's small enough to fit in your pocket. You may rest easy knowing that no one will try to sell you a knockoff or replica watch that hasn't been subjected to rigorous quality control checks. To be sure you have the right and proper watch for your hard-earned money, just perform this test at home or even in front of the dealer who has sold you the watch.

Guide to Replacing Watch Batteries

Has your go-to timepiece suddenly stopped? The last thing we need with all that's happening in the world today is to lose track of time. You can get back to living your life thanks to this simple guide to replacing the battery in your watch. If you just do what I say, everything will turn out alright. WATCHES FOR BOTH MEN AND WOMEN ARE COVERED IN THIS GUIDE.

1. Lay the watch face down on a soft cloth or another surface. Check the case's back; you should see a tab-like indentation close to the cover's back edge. Get out your butter knife or a screwdriver, both of which have flat, wedge-shaped heads. Move the wedge around until it fits snugly in the recess at the back. You're attempting to force your way in. If the back of the watch does not have a notched tab, you can hold it in a vise and insert the tool into the seam where the modern watch cases and the case of the watch meet.

2. Check if a bracket is holding the battery in place once you've located it. If this is the case, you can remove the bracket by using the little screwdriver included in your eyeglass repair kit.

3. If the battery can be removed without damaging the watch, you can flip it over and give it a quick tap on the back. Try not to force it. Tampering with the watch can cause damage to the workings of watch.

4. Insert it into the watch with care, and repair the original hardware if necessary. Replace the back shell by lining up the tab-like indentation with the casing and sliding the cover back into place; then pressing the entire back shell until it snaps into place. Now, you should congratulate yourself. No more work from you!

Although changing the battery in your watch is a simple task overall, keep in mind that some models cannot be serviced at home and will require a trip to the jeweler. Vacuum-sealed to prevent moisture and dust from getting inside, a water-resistant watch can lose its seal if it's opened. You shouldn't risk damaging a pricey watch by trying to fix it yourself; instead, take it to a jeweler. I hope you've found this manual to be useful.