Many diamond earring sets are ridiculously costly. By being prepared, you may make an informed decision when selecting them and avoid feeling duped if and when they develop issues.

Learn as much as you can about the gems first. Examine each diamond carefully, paying close attention to its hue and cut. It's probably not worth the price if the diamonds are all uneven and poorly cut.

Try the dangle earrings on your ear to check if the color is a good match. The skin on your ear, unlike the skin on your hands or arms, can sometimes have a subtly different skin tone. Earrings should be large enough to be seen even if your hair is down (if you have long hair), but not so flashy that they detract from your overall appearance.

Explore a large selection of diamond studs and try on a few pairs. Anything you think you might not like could end up looking great on you. Don't rush through this process, since you wouldn't want to waste your money on things you won't appreciate.

Take a look at the earrings in various settings. They could look different in dim light than they would in full sunlight. Since most people don't think of diamond earrings as something casual, you'll probably be wearing them when it's dark out more often.

Do some experimenting with stud diamond earrings as well as dangling diamond earring styles. A preferable option for shorter hair is stud earrings. If your hair is long, you should use dangling earrings so that people can see them.

Find a jeweler who will accept returns easily and always. You'll appreciate having the option to return an item if you change your mind.

Earrings - How To Match The Right Pair Of Earrings With Your Face Shape

How do you accessorize your ears with the perfect earrings so that you don't look gaudy or understated? For perfect lobe accessorizing, follow these guidelines. This post will provide you with the knowledge you need to find the most flattering accessories for your face.

Find round shapes when searching for jewelry for an oval face. Earrings in round or triangular shapes, such as buttons or hoops, are a perfect choice for an oval face. It's classy to wear dangling earrings, but check your reflection to make sure they aren't too short or too long about your chin. The trick is to find earrings that gradually narrow from the top to the bottom. This trick makes your face appear bigger than it is.

The Circular Face: Try to find a square, an oblong, or a rectangle. A pair of lengthy earrings will help to extend your face and draw the viewer's attention downward. The trick is to find dangling earrings that are long and slender.

A rectangle or oblong face is longer than it is wide, therefore this shape can use jewelry to make it appear shorter and wider. Earrings that are both short and wide will create the illusion that your face is wider at the forehead than it is at the chin. Earrings that are less in length and bigger in diameter will be more comfortable for your lobes. The secret is to go with small, round earrings or a miniature chandelier.

The Heart-Shaped Face: Those with heart-shaped faces tend to have a larger forehead, which can make their faces look more narrow and little than they are. Try to find a pair of earrings that is chunkier at the bottom than it is at the top. In particular, try to find long, hanging earrings in the shape of a triangle or an inverted heart.