My boyfriend Ron and I have been together for over two years now, and we even share an apartment. One of the kindest guys I know, yet romance has never been his forte. However, I do not doubt in my mind that he deeply cares for me.

My goal has always been to surprise him with something memorable. For the time I dressed as a playboy gorgeous bunny with long ears and shiny earrings for his 30th birthday in the hopes that it would fulfill his every sexual desire. I was hiding in the box, and when he turned on the lights after coming home, I yelled "surprise!" After all the "fun" we had together that night, I almost didn't make it to work. To demonstrate my appreciation for his affection, I cook, clean, and do whatever else I can for him.

Ron has far more income than I do, but he never treats me to anything. The extent of his birthday celebration for me was a kiss and maybe a mini-vacation. Every once in a while I'll drop hints about what I'd like him to purchase me, but he never follows through. Facing him and telling him how I feel would be like begging.

Our second dating anniversary rolled around, and I considered calling Ron to see if anything special was in store. The doorbell rang right as I was going to answer the phone. Once I answered the door, a FedEx delivery man slipped a small box inside, all wrapped up in festive paper. I had no idea who had brought this package, but I chose to investigate regardless.

In addition to its contents, the box itself is a work of art. There were a total of four additional boxes within this one, and I'll admit that it was a pain to unpack them all. I didn't get to the last package until I opened it. A closer inspection revealed that they were a stunning pair of black pearl earings.

Includes a note from Ron that reads

To Sarah: The two of you are two years into a happy relationship. I'm crossing my fingers that the box's layout suits your tastes. Awesome, right? :P As a token of my appreciation for the past year of our dating relationship, I sent you a pair of pearl earrings. I'm sorry if I'm not particularly romantic or sensitive to your requirements. Nonetheless, I swear I'll start buying you little tokens of my affection to demonstrate my gratitude for your undying support. What you've done for me is the nicest thing that's ever happened to me. What can I say?

The Art of Buying Pearl Earrings

Finding the best deal while shopping for pearl earrings isn't everything. Even if you spend a fortune on a set of pearl earrings, your special someone may not find them beautiful. There's an art to selecting pearl earrings, and it will take some practice before you can succeed.

How to Choose the Perfect Pair of Pearl Earrings


It's often the case that a person's first opinion of you is based on the type of earrings they're wearing. For others to take note of your pearl earrings, they must first see the design you've put into them, and only then will they evaluate the earrings on their other merits.

There are a few key considerations to keep in mind when sketching up your pearl earring design.

If you are unsure of whether the receiver has pierced ears, it is recommended that you purchase a pair of pearl earrings that secures with a clasp or clip rather than those that must be pushed into the ear lobe.

Earrings made of pearls can be as basic as studs or as elaborate as a chandelier. Flowers, hearts, and other shapes can be intentionally simulated.

Length - Avoid giving young children or infants pearl earrings of significant length, as this will be more of a distraction than a gift. Babies should not have it in their ears since it might be dangerous if they tear it off.

Earrings with pearls don't have to be made entirely of pearls. It also complements other precious and semiprecious stones. Naturally, you want to use pearls and jewels that complement each other well.

Amount of Pearls

Again, a single pearl is not required for a pair of pearl earrings. The greater the number of pearls in a pair of pearl earrings, the greater it's worth. If you want to wear only one pearl earring, it's best to pick a larger-than-average pearl so that it stands out. The most common number of pearls in a pair of earrings is three, but five is becoming increasingly popular as well because of the variety of shapes it can take.


When it comes to jewelry, size always matters, and pearls are no different. Avoid selecting pearl earrings with ostentatiously large pearls, as taste and attraction typically decline with increasing size. If you're tight on cash but still want a pair of pearl earrings, consider buying smaller ones.


Most people only see pearl earrings in shades of white and peach and have no idea that pearls can be found in a variety of colors. Pearls can be found in a wide range of colors, from black to pink to blue to green to yellow to gold, and the hues vary widely depending on their place of origin.


True, there is no universally accepted system for rating the quality of pearls. Pearls can be compared to one another using a few standard sets. Expect a price increase if such organizations have appraised your pearl earrings and given a positive evaluation.


Pearl earrings from high-end fashion houses are a worthwhile investment if you can afford them.


Pearl earring prices vary depending on the country or region from whence the pearls were collected. Natural pearls, which are the oldest and rarest variety of pearls, command the highest prices. In contrast to cultured pearls, those obtained in nature tend to be more expensive. Artificial or fake pearls are the most budget-friendly option.


In conclusion, there is the cost. Don't blow your budget on a pair of pearl studs that looks too good to be true. If you shop, you can find a pair of pearl earrings that fits your needs both financially and aesthetically.

It's a good idea to consult an expert if you need to buy pearl earrings soon but aren't confident in your judgment. Keep in mind that you should probably discount their advice a little bit because they probably want to offer you the most expensive option possible.